Manufacturer of plastic packaging in South Africa, we extrude both Low Density and High Density Polyethylene.
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Italpac - South Africa's leading Plastic Packaging Manufacturers

Italpac (Pty)Ltd is a well-established manufacturer of plastic packaging in South Africa, offering you high quality products at reasonable prices. We extrude both Low Density and High Density polyethylene in clear, tinted and opaque colours. We manufacture a wide range of standard stock lines as well as custom designed products, both printed and unprinted.

Extruders of LDPE & HDPE Plastic Films

Plastic Film Manufacturers

Wide Range of Plastic Packaging Products

Plastic Bag Manufacturers
  • LDPE / LLDPE / HDPE Plastic Bags, Plastic Tubing, Plastic Sheeting
  • C Folded Plastic Bags, Plastic C-fold Bag On Roll
  • Printing up to 8 Colours Plastic Tubing, Sheeting & Bags
  • Spine Seal Plastic Bags & Pouches, Lap Seal Pouches & Bags
  • Co-ex Plastic Film, Shrinkfilm, Shrink Film Wrap, Transparent Shrink Film, Shrinkfilm Rolls
  • Coex bags, Co-ex Plastic Bags, Coex Mailing Envelopes
  • Form Fill & Seal Sheeting, Milk Sheeting
  • Clear & Printed Ice Popsicle Packaging Bags, Ice pops packaging bags
  • Shrink Sheeting, Shrink Wrap Packaging
  • Cellophane Euro slot Header Bags, Display Bags with Euroslot, Punched out handle bags
  • Bags have a lateral seal and euro slot for hanging on a display hook
  • Agricultural Film, Agricultural Plastic Sheeting, Agricultural Bags and Compost bags
  • Mining Sample Bags
  • Plastic Disposable Aprons, Plastic Disposable Smocks
  • Plastic Stock Bags, Butcher Plastic Bags

World-Class Plastic Manufacturers

South Africa is hungry for world-class plastic manufacturers who aren't afraid of pursuing excellence, and who value high standards and great customer care. These are only a few of the many ideals that the team behind Italpac strives to achieve every day.

At Italpac, we have worked hard to grow into one of the leading manufacturers of plastic products in South Africa. Since our inception, we have grown to become one of South Africa's largest plastic manufacturers.

A few of the Industries we service with Packaging Solutions:

  • Packaging for the Food Industry
  • Packaging for the Mining Industry
  • Packaging for General Industry
  • Packaging for Agricultural Industry
  • Packaging for Automotive Industry
  • Packaging for Commercial Industry
  • Packaging for Pharmaceutical / Medical Industries
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+27 (012) 541 1610
+27 (0) 82 557 3613

Physical Address & Map c/o Kitshof and Gaigher Street
Rosslyn, Pretoria
(Entrance on 392 Gaigher Street)

Exceptional Quality Plastic Products

We pride ourselves in the manufacture of exceptional quality plastic products, setting the standard of excellence in our industry and adding value to our clients' concerns. These are only a few of the many reasons behind our consistent and persistent popularity in the marketplace.

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Deciding On Packaging for Products To Achieve Retail Success

There are so many plastic packaging manufacturers vying for your business in the marketplace. Choosing the correct packaging is crucial to getting your product on the shops' shelves safely, and successfully into customers' trollies. Don't make the same mistake that many start up companies make and solely concentrate on the product yet overlook the packaging.

When it comes to planning your packaging, there are specific elements to take into account. By considering these important aspects, you will be well on your way to making a smart business decision and upping the chances of your product reaching retail success:

• Packaging should be compact to make it easy for customers to handle the product;
• Maximise your product appeal and value;
• Minimise storage requirements and transport costs; and
• Expert retail packaging designers can help you achieve these results, without breaking the budget.

Partner with Italpac – South Africa's Leading Plastic Packaging Manufacturers

At Italpac, we have worked hard to become one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in South Africa. We are proud of our long history of excellent service in the industry, and continue to provide our expertise to the benefit of our clients.

Bringing many years' experience to every client we work with, you can look forward to benefitting from our hard gained insight into the plastic packaging industry. Contact us to learn more about our company, and to find out how we can help you make your products stand out in the marketplace.

The Many Uses for Plastic Sheeting

There are numerous uses for Plastic Sheeting and exciting ways you can utilise this versatile product.

Build yourself a mini greenhouse – interestingly it is not uncommon for people to use Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting as covering for a greenhouse. The idea is to construct a frame (the shape and size of your own choosing) using PVC pipes and connectors. Once you have done this, you will secure the Plastic Sheeting with cable ties.
Construct coverage for flower beds and vegetable gardens – when faced with the heavy or extreme weather, you can create protection for your plants. Again you only need a roll of Plastic Sheeting, some long cable ties, and some PVC piping or wooden rods, and set up a protective tent.
Use Plastic Sheeting as a barrier against weed growth when constructing a flowerbed – once you acquire a roll of thick Plastic Sheeting (upwards of 6mils), you will have to clean the area, removing all currently growing weeds, sticks, rocks, and twigs. Cut the sheeting to the required size place, as deep as possible, in the bed. Secure the sheeting with rocks and place the clean soil into the new bed.

Italpac manufactures a large number of plastic packaging products which includes Plastic Sheeting.

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