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DPI Plastics is endorsed by celebrity DIY and conservationist couple

DPI Plastics is endorsed by celebrity DIY and conservationist couple


The entire plumbing product line from DPI Plastics - a leading manufacturer of water reticulation, drainage and pipe-fitting systems in South Africa - has been fully endorsed by celebrity handyman Riaan Venter, host of the popular SABC 2 show 'DIY met Riaan', along with his wife and award-winning conservation journalist, Michelle Garforth-Venter
Michelle and Riaan VenterRiaan has become a well respected expert in DIY applications since his hit show first aired in 2002, and he and Michelle recently joined forces in mid-2013 with leading hardware retailer DIY Depot to open up a co-branded store in Mossel Bay called DIY Depot& DIY with Riaan Home Improvement.
The store specialises in the supply of high quality building and plumbing supplies that are available to the public at a competitive price, and Riaan highlights the fact that it boasts a comprehensive stockholding of DPI Plastics' range of plumbing, drainage and sanitaryware products and accessories.
"Having used DPI Plastics products for a number of years, I can say with confidence that the company manufactures the highest quality PVC pipes and fittings that are backed up by dedicated after sales and technical support, earning it a strong reputation in the local industry," he explains.
Michelle has become synonymous for her pioneering educational television productions and articles that have raised the importance of sustainable living and wildlife conservation awareness through a number of local mainstream print publications and television channels.
She reveals that another major aspect behind the decision to endorse the DPI Plastics range is the DPI Plumbing Productsfact that it is considered to be among the most environmentally sustainable in the local market. "Riaan and I are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint, and built an entirely green home for our family in 2010, where all the piping and attachments were exclusively DPI Plastics products."
DPI Plastics technical and product manager Renier Snyman indicates that the company is committed to environmental sustainability, as it is a signatory to the Southern African Vinyl Association's (SAVA)  Product Stewardship Program (PSP), which consists of set targets to ensure that PVC is acknowledged as an environmentally sustainable material that can be used with confidence in construction.
"In accordance with the requirements of the SAVA DPI Plumbing ProductsPSP, which is fully acknowledged by the Green Building Council of South Africa, DPI Plastics has removed all lead, cadmium and mercury based additives from its entire range of pipes. What's more, we are working towards recycling and reusing more than 95 per cent of our waste, which will be well ahead of the industry standard," he notes.
The environmental advantages of PVC as a building material
Certified PVC pipes have among the smallest carbon footprints of any pipe material available, due to the fact that over half of the material is derived from salt - an abundant commodity - thereby ensuring that it is 100 per cent recyclable and reusable.
Snyman notes that due to its strength and toughness, PVC pipes have a comparatively DPI Plastics Plumbingthin wall thickness when compared to other pipes of similar size and class, which ultimately saves on materials during the manufacturing process.
He adds: "PVC pipes are also lightweight, which further reduces emissions related to additional transport requirements. Another advantage is that PVC pipes have low friction characteristics when compared to other types of materials, which ensures long term savings on pumping costs too."
According to Snyman, PVC is not combustible and therefore does not constitute a fire hazard in buildings."What's more, PVC soil, waste and vent pipes and fittings are UV protected and can be used in direct sunlight. PVC can also be joined with PVC weld or solvent cement to make durable, leak-proof joints. Unlike a Plastic Plumbing Productsnumber of other plastic pipes and fittings, PVC can also be painted."
The DIY Depot & DIY with Riaan Home Improvement store officially opened in Mossel Bay in June 2013 and, in addition to supplying a comprehensive product offering, the store also hosts various workshops in order to assist customers in achieving the optimal performance and greatest return-on-investment on all the brands stocked.
For more information on the full range of DPI Plastics PVC plumbing, drainage and sanitaryware products and accessories that are available at the DIY Depot & DIY with Riaan Home Improvement store, visit or

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