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Irritech installs R4-million worth of Ultraflo pipes at Mozambican project


27 March, 2013: DPI Plastics - a leading manufacturer of water reticulation, drainage and pipe-fitting systems in South Africa - has assisted comprehensive irrigation solutions provider Irritech in completing a R4-million agricultural irrigation project in Mozambique.
DPI Plastics supplied Irritech with a total of 72 km of mPVC Ultraflo pipes, varying in diameters of between 63 mm and 500 mm, which were installed at the privately funded Chinanguanine project, located approximately 100 km north of the Mozambican capital Maputo.
Irritech owner and head irrigation specialist Franek Raciborski points out that the Ultraflo range was selected as the piping product of choice, due to its proven track record in the market. "Ultraflo is a high quality pipe that has been preferred by local contractors for a number of years. What's more, mPVC is an excellent material for irrigation, due to its durability and ductility."

DPI Plastics technical and product manager Renier Snyman highlights the fact that the Ultraflo pressure pipe system offers design engineers and contractors numerous advantages, including; a lower mass, higher impact resistance and increased hydraulic capacity. "The Ultraflo pipes for this particular project were delivered in standard 6-m-lengths and have a Class 6 pressure rating, with excellent frictional resistance and low wave celerity, thereby ensuring resistance to surges."
DPI Plastics Ultraflo Pipes used at Mozambican project
Raciborski notes that Irritech was appointed as the contractor to the Chinanguanine project in May 2012, and was able to successfully complete its scope of work within six months. "Having been a DPI Plastics client for 20 years, I can rely on the company's professional and responsive approach towards Irritech. The Chinanguanine project was no different, and all the piping products were supplied timeously, with support and service offered on an around the clock basis."

The Irritech Team
He does, however, admit that Mozambique's tropical weather proved to be a challenge. "Heavy rainfall resulted in onsite flooding but, as a result of innovative design, the infield equipment could be removed and the pump stations mounted on pontoons from the outset. As a result, the project was completed in November 2012, and the official handover took place in February 2013, with a total of 130 local farmers in the region expected to benefit from the project."

DPI Plastics Export managerAccording to DPI Plastics exports manager Rajesh Naval, the Ultraflo range of pressure pipes account for 90 per cent of the company's pipe export sales. "mPVC has proven to be highly popular in the African market, due to a combination of its strength, durability and cost effectiveness - which has resulted in sales worth more than R35-million in markets such as Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and Angola. I am confident that this trend will continue well into the future, with a strong possibility of expansion into new markets too."
Naval notes that the addition of new large bore sizes including 560 mm and 630 mm, will further benefit the export customers, as they currently are importing these sizes from overseas or running two pipes parallel to each other to suffice the requirement of large bore pipe.

Pietermaritzburg-based Irritech surveys, designs, and installs all types of irrigation, and prides itself on appropriate solutions, which take into account the client’s particular circumstances. Raciborski believes that the company's all-in-one solutions offering often take into account a client’s labour skills, transport costs, availability of spares, and other diverse factors that extend beyond the realm of traditional engineering. "Coupled with this is our proven ability to work in remote and distant locations, employing the resourcefulness of our energised staff to maximum effect."

Looking ahead, Raciborski is confident of the future outlook for Irritech and the industry in general. "Irritech has vast experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of various irrigation schemes, including; centre pivots, drip, micro, moveable and solid set sprinkler systems and water reticulation systems. Having developed a large footprint in Southern Africa and, together with an office in Lusaka, Irritech has placed itself in a strong position to obtain measurable growth, particularly within the African market - where numerous tenders are being issued as a result of increased foreign investment in infrastructural development," he concludes.

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