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ISO Quality Management Systems Simplified

ISO Quality Management Systems Simplified


In today's universal markets and unpredictable economies the obstacles of trade have been cracked down. Companies are increasing their levels of performance in order to endure today’s belligerent environment. In order to remain competitive, companies must apply effective and efficient plans. The most accepted plantoday is the ISO 9000 Quality Management System.
The ISO 9000 standards are not rules, but merely a set of guidelines that organize their processes and make it more cost effective.
Since 1987, the ISO 9000 series of standards has been recognized globally as the framework for a well-managed, customer-focused quality management system. Companies achieving certification report: obvious reduction of waste, more efficient manpower exploitation and increased customer satisfaction in supplier-customer relationships

What’s in it for my business?

Well, competitive advantage and increased marketing and sales are the most outstanding benefits of ISO. Most customers or clients will generally recognize the ISO brand leading to more sales,more deals and you will be recognized as part of the ‘big guys’. It’s like ‘VAT’, no VAT less respect. You become a company people want to do business with,mainly because of less risks associated with companies whose standards have not been approved by any board.

ISO implementation

Here are some advantages of ISO implementation

1.Improved profit levels result as productivity improves and rework costs are reduced.
2Better products and services result from Continuous Improvement processes.
3. Cost reductions
4. Customer satisfaction, and more importantly customer loyalty, grows. As a company transforms from a reactive organization to a pro-active, preventative organization, it becomes a company people want to do business with
5. Employee morale is increased as they are asked to take control of their processes and document their work processes..
6. Global acceptance
7. Documented processes are the basis for repetition and help eliminate variation within the process. As variation is eliminated, efficiency improves. As efficiency improves, the cost of quality is reduced.
8. Fosters the understanding that quality, in and of itself, is not limited to a quality department but is everyone's responsibility.
9. ISO-9000 forces an organization to focus on "how they do business". Each procedure and work instruction must be documented and thus, becomes the springboard for Continuous
10. Improved communications both internally and externally which improves quality, efficiency, on time delivery and customer/supplier relations.
For corporations and institutions that wish to implement or launch company-wide training for their employees on ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems and Quality Assurance, we offer consulting and training programs in order to support certifications for companies that are under a budget crunch, up to large entities

During the ISO Certification Preparation A.F.A Consultants will:

  • Guide the implementation of your system
  • Train your employees to participate in and administer the system
  • Train your employees to conduct internal audits and management reviews
  • Monitor your progress
  • Ensure Certification Audit Readiness
  • Ensure Compliance with International Best Practices
  • Develop a Quality Management System
  • Draft of a Quality Manual
  • Review the current Policies and Procedures
  • Conduct Internal Quality Management System Audits


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