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Official launch of the new Calendered Rigid PVC Process and widest PET Machinery South Africa

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The ribbon cutting ceremony and the walk through of TRIOPLASTICS’ world-class facility, showcasing the machines and the production line, creating history in the Age of Plastics in South Africa. Thursday 31 October 2013, marks the official launch of the new CALENDERED RIGID PVC PROCESS AND WIDEST PET (producing PET up to 1.5m wide) MACHINERY South Africa has to offer. To ensure and guarantee smooth production of quality rigid PVC and PET at Trioplastics, the machines have been tested and re-tested.

Toast at launch of new machines at Trioplastics

The toast done by Derek Moonsammy (MD) before the ribbon cutting. From left – Rita Chetty (Internal Sales Director), Chris Rossouw (Financial Director), Mike Wright (Sales Director) and Derek Moonsammy (MD)

At the top of the Calendered PVC Machine – Rita, Mike, Derek and Chris
At the top of the Calendered PVC Machine – Rita, Mike, Derek and Chris

In front of the ribbon Rita, chris, derek and Mike
In front of the ribbon Rita, Chris, Derek and Mike

Looking back in time, certain ages could be identified according to materials mostly used during that time. Historians classified these different periods in history as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, Iron and Steel Age all recorded in history books. Looking at today’s materials it is evidently that we live in the age of PLASTICS.

Plastic is not only versatile, but durable, not only flexible but also hygienic and safe. What material can stop a bullet and at the same time be used to feed a baby? Above all – plastic is RECYCLABLE. What would life be without plastics?

Calendered PVC MachineTrioplastics specialize in the supply of quality rigid PVC and PET plastic films and sheets used in Thermo forming, Pharma- and Food grade packaging. The company will now be in a position to manage and produce various grades of PVC and PET films, and it will be able to service the packaging industry by providing the rigid films used in thermoforming, blister packs, stationery and additional applications. Other products include GAG as well as Cooling Tower fill. Situated in Krugersdorp, Trioplastics is a homegrown manufacturer that services the entire South Africa with rigid PVC and PET. Future marketing strategies will include exports into the African market next year.

The new PVC machine will be able to produce stable Rigid PVC film, less likely to degenerate in the manufacturing process, resulting in a superior product.This process results not only in a higher quality PVC product, but also cost effective, stable, can be used for laminations, and also can create a high gloss finish. PVC films that have been manufactured through an extrudedprocess can have up to a 20% rejection rate when utilized by clients. The Calendar process reduces that rejection rate to less than1% and therefore minimizes waste. In addition, the new PET machine will allow Trioplastics to produce films up to 1.5m in width. PET films have excellent vacuum forming ability and the material is impact and chemical resistant. PET films like PVC are used for many packaging applications, especially food packaging.

The ability to manufacture locally will mean that Trioplastics will be able to produce a high quality product at a competitive price but it will also massively decrease the lead-time of the product enabling Trioplastics to position themselves as an industry leader.

PVC plays a vital role in delivering and sustaining the quality, comfort and safety of our modern life-styles. The percentage of cost versus performance means that all income groups can enjoy these benefits and therefor contributing to sustainable development of the industry. PVC products are helping to improve people’s lives and conserve natural resources. PVC is used in various fields like water supply, sewage, supply of electric power, housing, transportation, consumer products, electronics, to medical devices and products. Rigid and flexible PVC products feature most prominently in those products where requiring long service lives.

Calendered PVC Machine
Calendered PVC Machine

Photo of the PET extruder machine still in the proses of being installed in the warehouse with stock in front.
PET extruder machine still in the process of being installed in the warehouse with stock in front

Together with SAVA (South African Vinyl Association) Trioplastics also aims to become as environmentally friendly as they possibly can, assistin the sustainability of PVC, reassuring their customers of improving their standards in the manufacturing of PVC.

A slogan to live by: “WE DELIVERY QUALITY”. We have establisheda fully fledged quality department. A quality manager and several quality inspectors were appointed and a testing lab fully equipped with gloss meters, tenstile tester, oven and fridges are all elements that have been added to secure that Trioplastics is committed to have a zero percent rejection rate within 6 months.

Theircore principles of Quality, Price and Service is synonymous with TRIO PLASTICS and has become a promise they live by.


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